Foods To Avoid In Bronchitis

Consuming healthy foods and avoid foods causing bronchitis is to be done to save your lungs and reducing the symptoms of chronic bronchitis. The lungs are one of the vital organs for human life functioning of the respiratory system. Bronchitis is inflammation of the bronchial vessels. Inflammation of the bronchi can cause swelling on the surface, narrow vessels and lead to the secretion of inflammatory fluid.

avoid foods bronchitisIn general, the cause of bronchitis divided by 2; based on environmental factors and factors of the host / patient. Causes bronchitis based on environmental factors, including; air pollution, smoking and infections. Infection is divided into 3, bacterial infections (Staphylococcus, Pertussis, Tuberculosis, micro-plasma), viral infections (RSV, Para-influenza, Influenza, Adeno) and fungal infections (monilia). Patient factors, include; age, sex, allergic conditions, and patients who have a history of lung disorders.

Avoid foods causing bronchitis

Patients with bronchitis should avoid some foods that trigger and causing relapse of bronchitis, such as foods that trigger the formation of mucus. Dairy products, chocolate, bananas, and all processed foods, fried foods, and junk food should be avoided. Also, avoid foods that contain processed sugars, alcohol, and smoking.

1. Milk and Dairy Products

Milk and dairy products are one of the foods that are considered bad for bronchitis patients, because it contains saturated fat. Saturated fats can increase the formation of phlegm / mucus and can lead to shortness of breath.

Foods to be avoided, such as; full-fat food or milk, high-fat cheese, cream soups, pizza cheese, ice cream, mayonnaise, butter fat bread, and gravy.

If you want to drink milk or milk products, choose non-fat, low-fat. Yogurt may be a better choice, because the bacteria in yogurt can also help boost the immune system.

2. Fried and oily food

Fried chicken, potato chips, and snack contribute equally, would only aggravate bronchitis. The reason, fried foods contain high levels of saturated fat will increase the amount of mucus.

For the recovery of bronchitis are advised to eat meat or fish steamed, they are rich in protein and omega fatty acids that help rehabilitation.

3. Foods processed high sugar.

Foods processed high sugar bad for bronchitis. Products, such as sugary drinks, carbonated drinks, syrups, candies, and chocolate products. Cake / bread baked like; brownies, muffins, should be avoided. They do not offer nutritional value, reduced immunity, and led to weight gain. Bronchitis patients should keep weight and not let rising.

4. Products high in salt

Salt acts as a diluents and will thin the blood and then increase the volume. Bronchitis, the airways become inflamed and narrow, you try to inhale more oxygen in each breath so the work of the heart become overburdened when blood pumping less oxygen. In addition, salt can withstand water in bronchial tissue that can slow recovery from inflammation.

Now you understand why high-salt products harmful to patients with bronchitis.

For recovery, use natural ingredients such as lemon, pepper, oregano, thyme or basil as a seasoning for your meal.

5. Alcohol beverages

Alcohol will reduce fluid in the body and causes the body to become dehydrated. With the loss of water, mucus tends to be thicker and harder making it difficult to cough.

6. Cigarette Smoke

Stop smoking and avoid the smoke. Smoking causes lung damage. Instead of a cliché, but ultimately it’s the truth. Smokers are prone to infection, and when he is infected, recovery takes a long time and burdensome.

If you don’t smoke, don’t try to start, and if you smoke, try to reduce or stop. Try to stay away from smokers, because the smoke is harmful to you, especially if you are a patient with bronchitis.

7. Fruits

Certain fruits such as; avocado, apple and melon can make flatulence. Flatulence will cause shortness of breath.

8. Vegetables

Vegetables can lead to gas, but depending on the condition of our body. But avoid vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, corn, onions, peas, peppers, soy, and nuts.

Healthy foods to prevent bronchitis

Consumption of healthy foods such as fresh fruits is recommended for patients with bronchitis because it would improve lung health and prevent bronchitis.

1. Oranges Fruits

Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, can help prevent damage caused by free radicals that trigger bronchitis. Oranges, lemons and limes naturally have potential anti-inflammatory that can reduce the swelling of the lung tissue. Vitamin C may also reduce the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders in smokers.

2. Fruit Berry

Types of berries such as blackcurrants, blueberries and strawberries contain phytochemical resveratrol as a potential anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting, improve memory, increase fat metabolism, and can inhibit oxidative stress. According to Paul Gross, PhD, in his book Super Fruits, say, the consumption of berries regularly can reduce the risk of heart disease by 20%. Berries also contain anthocyanins which may help reduce lung cancer and gastrointestinal disorders.

3. Tomatoes

Consuming 3 tomatoes a week can improve lung health. Phytochemicals are found in the skin of tomatoes is an antioxidant that can protect the respiratory tract from external irritants such as; pollution and cigarette smoke.

4. Low-fat meat

Consumption of low-fat protein such as poultry and fish, especially salmon, mackerel and sardines, they contain lots of omega-3 fatty acids

5. Carbohydrates

Eat carbohydrates such as whole grains and brown rice, they are high in fiber, helps improve digestive function and improve the work of the heart so that it can alleviate your suffering as a result of an attack of bronchitis.

Hope it’s useful.